Why am I seeing Internet traffic sourced from

The NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence Team's Internet Safety Initiative works to non-intrusively identify systems & services which may be abused by adversaries to launch DDoS attacks.

Analysis of the collected data allows us to proactively defend against attacks leveraging any abusable systems. That is the sole focus of this initiative.

The results of our scan efforts and number of abusable device per vector can be found here:

Additional research, including detailed analysis of adversary trends and activity can be found here:

Should you have additional questions regarding this initiative, please send them to internet-albedo-info@netscout.com.

Your participation in this effort contributes to the safety of all organizations which depend upon the security and stability of the global Internet.

Can I opt-out of this initiative?

If you wish to opt out, please use this link to submit your request with the specific CIDRs that you wish to exempt from evaluation, including relevant port/protocol information. This allows us us to confirm administrative authority over the CIDRs in question. We renew security evaluation exemptions on an annual basis.